What Sets Us Apart

We take pride in providing a warm, caring relationships with our patients and their families. Our customer service is impeccable and our staff will go the extra mile to accommodate your needs. We provide the full gamut of orthodontic services including aligner therapy, and treat patients of all ages.

What differentiates us from others is our ability and proficiency in treating the most severe malocclusions without the need for orthognathic (jaw surgery) or premolar extractions. Every one of our patients benefit from custom, hand-formed Multiloop Edge Wise Archwires (MEAW). These unique hyper flexible archwires, in conjunction with elastics allow us to align the teeth without the need for premolar extractions and to guide and position the jaws in their ideal relationship without the need for jaw surgery.

At Coro Orthodontics, skeletal open bites, underbites (overdeveloped lower jaw) overbites (underdeveloped lower jaw) and mandibular lateral displacement are routinely treated with excellent sustainable results.

Unlike the commonly used preformed “straight wires”, the custom made multiloop archwires provide vertical control of the teeth. The traditional, original MEAW has five loops per side. A more recent development by Toyota Central R&D Labs, GUMMETAL, is an alloy with unique properties that makes the force levels similar to those of the MEAWs. Only two loops per side are now needed for these GumMetal Edgewise Archwires (GEAW). They are far more comfortable for the patient and yet maintain the flexibility and provide the same vertical control as the MEAWs.