When is it best to get braces?



It is never too late to improve the look and health of your smile!

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children be seen by an orthodontist at around age 7 years old because certain problems can be addressed at this age to prevent more serious problems in the future. This is called Phase I treatment.  On many occasions, Dr. Coro will determine that it is advantageous to wait for further dental development to begin treatment.  If this is the case, the patient is placed on a pre-treatment observation status to monitor his/her dentofacial growth and development.

The adolescent period is approximately between the age of 11 through 15 and is the ideal time to get braces. At this time is when the permanent dentition has completed development and the child is still growing. 


Braces are not just for children!  

Today, many adults are getting braces also.  It is a worthy investment for a life-long smile!  Adults may wear traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces or may also qualify for Invisalign treatment.