Lectures and Courses

Dr. Jorge Coro teaches the MEAW technique at both University of Florida College of Dentistry and at Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine.


Dr. Jorge Coro also recently gave the following lectures:

   'Treatment of Severe Malocclusions by Reconstructing the Occlusal Plane(s) with the MEAW Technique'

In Nashville, TN for the Tennessee Association of Orthodontists Annual Meeting

February 2010


   'The Principles of Reconstructing the Occlusal Plane with the use of the MEAW Technique'

In Philadelphia, PN at Temple University, Komberg School of Dentistry, Department of Orthodontics

June 2012


 'The 3D Effects of Occlusal Plane Reconstruction on Mandibular Position and the Craniofacial Complex'

In Yokohoma, Japan for the International Joint Congress of MEAW Technique and Research Foundation (IJC-MEAW)

September 2012