Phase I - Treatment with Headgear

Headgear treatment helps us move your teeth and jaw in a way that braces alone can't. The headgear is an removable appliance that uses the back of the neck to move the teeth and jaw to help create a beautiful smile. The appliance is usually worn during the evening and nighttime hours. The more you wear the headgear the better it works.

When headgear is prescribed:

  • Patients do not need to wear their headgear to school, work, or during active sports.
  • It must be worn at least 12-14 hours each day (unless otherwise instructed).
  • Consistent daily use is essential to achieve success in treatment.
  • Never allow the headgear to be damaged.
  • Bring your headgear  to each appointment at our office so we can check and adjust it.


What can you expect?

  • Your teeth my be tender the first few days the headgear is worn. The tenderness will disappears as you adjust to the new pressure.
  • You can expect to feel some pressure when the strap is attached to the facebow, and relief of the pressure when the strap is detached.
  • Your molars may feel sore and may feel slightly loose as tooth movement occurs.
  • The bands on your molars may come loose. If this happens please call our office for an appointment to have your band re-cemented.


To avoid accidents:

  • Never wear the headgear when running or playing sports.
  • Do not remove the facebow until the straps have been disconnected.
  • Never allow anyone (brothers, sisters, friends) to grab or pull on your headgear when you are wearing it.
  • Never try to lift the facebow over your face.



How well you wear your headgear determines how long you need to wear it!